Kite Days

Kite Days

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Home

Wow it has been a while since I updated this thing so here goes:

I moved recently out of my dingy student housing apartment and into a newer, beautiful, clean townhouse that is just in the most perfect location. I am so glad to be living here because the three other girls I live with are awesome, and like I briefly mentioned, the house is always tidy! I love that! The environment here finally feels like I have a home here. I have lived in St. George for a year now and finally fell like my house is HOME.

I have been having so much fun bonding with my new roommate Nikki. We met last year and have been on some pretty fun adventures together (mostly involving our roller-blades) and now I am lucky enough to live with her! Both of us have boyfriends that recently have moved away, sad right. At least we have each other to occupy our empty time so that we don't have time to mope. Our latest outing involved suspenders, pig-tails, and hot pink lipstick. There was this dance event and we just HAD to get out of the house and the theme totally had us sold! The Nerds and Jocks dance was definitely a perfect escape for us.

We tore through just about everything in our closet and came up with some really great get-ups. Since we went the nerd route, we went all out! I think we laughed more than we danced because getting ready was so entertaining and of course we had a little photo session. Hope these pictures entertain you :)


  1. Hollah that first picture is cracking me up.
    You look like a little girl with those pink glasses on. It reminds me of you and Mallory dressing up as Princess Leia (Is that how you spell her name? I really don't know.) to go and see Star Wars.
    I'm so happy you are having such a good time with Nikki, and that you love where you live and it feels like home.
    The Littles miss you and now Mallory too. So please keep blogging and posting pictures.
    All right, you crazy, happy girl, have fun and know that we love you.

  2. Very cute Holls! You even look adorable as a nerd! :) I'm glad you have a nice new place with a good friend.

  3. Holly-I'm glad you are having a good time with your pal! We worried you might be little miss lonesome, but instead you are little miss independent. There's nothing like a crazy college buddy. I still keep in touch with my cuckoo friends from 20 years ago. We are still just as cuckoo in our own middled aged sort of way. OK, I've got a small package here for you from your dad. I can drop it off or you can come here. I'm on campus tonight and tomorrow if you want me to bring it and meet you there. Also, Grandma has a duffle bag that we think is yours. Let me know. Thanks for a fun post. Come and see us some time!

  4. Turkey-Lip...... Nice Tic-Tacs! of course they're orange.....Glad to see you are having fun.... Now I need you to concentrate on SCHOOL!!! You have to remember, you have to do well. You are going to have to take care of your mother and me. I won't be a problem but you know how she gets>>>>

    Love ya more,


  5. Yeah, finally a new post, you silly girl.