Kite Days

Kite Days

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I am so lucky to have so many strong female examples in my life. My family really is fantastic, I'm a major fan. My grandmothers, aunts, friends, co-workers, sisters, and of course my own mother. She is just nutty and I am so glad that she is mine, and that I am hers. We just kind of belong together like that, forever. I have missed her a lot this week, living away is great until I get homesick and emotional. I just thought that I would share my Mama-La's list of basics, she wrote this to me in an e-mail just the other day: 

Say your prayers, go to church, go to the library, read something uplifting, funny and serious everyday, do 2 nice things everyday for someone...( 1 you tell and 1 only you and Heavenly Father know) write in you journal, be polite, be honest and pay your tithing. See, it's so easy.

I would add that laughing at yourself is a daily must. I love my Mother so much, she is just great. I can always hear her reminding me these little basic musts in my head. "Don't forget to say your prayers". The 2 nice things rule has really stuck with me and I think about it almost everyday. I hope that when I have a family I can teach my children the same things she has taught me. I am so glad that she will always be my mother! Hope you have a really great day Mama! 


  1. What a surprise, to look at your blog and see this. I was laughing you posted my list of easy things to do everyday, for the rest of your life. I've tried to tell all of you kids to do that your entire life, and I hope you will.
    Now, as for my nuttiness, I wouldn't be me without it. Erin Leigh wrote me the funniest, cutest card and said that I am never mean but I am only mean if someone touches my newspaper!
    So funny.
    I love Mother's Day. Your Dad wrapped up a big bag of cracker jack for me, which is what I bought for Relief Society last week when I had to teach. So of course it made me laugh.
    He gave me some other funny things, and he set out a big picture of me when I was 17!
    Anyway, Holly it's been a great day.
    Thank you for posting a picture of me and my girls, because someday you'll all be mother's too, and know exactly how I feel.
    (Mallory is talking about the time she put a cup on her lips and it made her have baboon lips.) She said you'd remember.
    And here's one of my favorite memories of you....stayin up late with me, watching Gracie Allen when you were just 3 years old, and you understanding it all, and laughing your head off with me.
    So smart, so fun, and it seems like it was only yesterday.
    All right keep up the good work, Holly.I'm proud of you and I love you,huuunnnnyyyyyyy.

  2. Awww....You guys are adorable. Beautiful post Holly, and I love your Mom's "list." My kids are working on their chore charts, and I am going to add-do something nice (x2)! :)

    On a sad note, I totally know how you feel being away from your sisters and Mother on Mother's Day. I have my Hubby and beautiful babies, but I still miss my family-especially on the holidays!

  3. Hi Holls,
    I loved this post and I even left you a comment but evidently it didn't take.

    I loved reading about my sister from her daughter's point of view. It was pretty neat, actually. And I have always loved your Mom's list but I haven't always been able to remember everything on it, so thankyou for putting here. =D

    I noticed that you started following my catte's meow blog. If you'll email me at
    catherineguteATaolDOTcom, I'll send you an invite to see my "real" blog. I tried to get your email from your Mom a couple of weeks ago (so I could send the blog invite) but your Mom didn't have it. Shocking.

    I love your blog and I'm glad you're posting. I like being able to see what you're up to.
    ♥ Aunt Catherine

  4. Hi again Hollah,
    I wanted to write and tell you I'm ready for a new post. We keep checking in to see if there is something new, so I just wanted you to know the audience is waiting.
    Also, Aunt Mary Kate loved your picture. She said you looked very MONTANO! She thought you looked like your Dad and I. She said there was something about the way you're standing and your sunglasses. I thought this was funny and interesting because I mistook the picture of you on Heidi's blog for me, too and I thought it was me by the way you were standing.
    I mean I know your hair had something to do with it, but it was more than just that.
    I am laughing that Catte wrote I didn't have your email. I did, but I just didn't know it EXACTLY because you have all those dashes in it. So don't be worried, I do know it's hahaholly but the dashes always throw me off.
    All right, well I just wanted to say hello and tell you to post something, even though I haven't posted anything in months.
    Hurry Holly.
    Love, Mama-La

  5. Oh mom, you are such a goof ball. I will post something new soon. Maybe about climbing and camping or something like that. I will ask Vaughn if I can use some more of his pictures :)